Dipl. Biol. Dirkmarkus Lichtenberger
Saatgut für Mediterrane Biodiversität und Trockenregionen
Seed for Mediterranean Biodiversity and Dryland
Sementes para Biodiversidade Mediterrânica e Regiãos Áridas

1st Seedbank Newsletter 2013-02-17

Biographical Introduction 2013-02-17

2013-06-25 Because my websites had been hacked, this first newsletter comes very much later in june 2013. A lot of things were happened during the cold and rainy spring, first seeds of freedom were collected in Algarve, I was participant at an art exhibition in Aljezur with an installation 7000 Beans for 7000 Oaks, I have started a Mapping Naturdenkmal Monumento Natural Natural monument around the Ribeira da Cerca dos Pomares Aljezur ... all this scientific nice stuff will be described in the 2nd newsletter.

2013 I start my transdisciplinary project Algarve SEEDBANK especially for Dryland and Mediterranean regions.

During my Guitar Song & Talk Performance Tour Social Art as Sustainable Profession and my Saudade Sustentável Reportage Nachhaltige Sehnsucht as freelancer journalist I collect seeds and local informations.

My first SEEDBANK newsletter will be a little bit aphoristic and mixed with ideas and fragments. I have collected some of my inner seeds. Later there will be special tasks about different trees, seedling, pioneer plants, seed exchange, landreform, cosmological research, cosmic ecology, methods, paradigms and so on.

What kind of seed do we need for recultivation of devasted area and dryland in Algarve and for sustainable food?

How can we develop seeds of freedom?

What means Flower Power?
What means Tree Power?

In the following project designs I have decribed some of my research-paradigms.
I can not do all the work alone. But I feel an obligation, a duty to mention my personal scientific aims.

You are welcome to support my work combining and integrating Your own idea of sustainable living.

As a freelancer coach, education coach and citizen science coach I can help pupils and students in academic carreer and also people, which are interested in ecology, history or sustainable work as coordinator and coach of citizen science.


main stream fluxus

1991 - 1992 I studied in Freiburg Black Forest flower symmetry in morphology of Erwin Baur's Antirrhinum majus Cycloidea Sippe 50 as model for evolution.
Erwin Baur was a famous german geneticist. Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPI), now in Cologne, is debt to his initiatives in Weimarer Republik in Berlin. He was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Breeding Research (since 1938 Erwin Baur-Institute), 29. September 1928 als „Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Züchtungsforschung“ mit Sitz in Müncheberg eröffnet.
Elisabeth Schiemann, Hans Stubbe, Emmy Stein were also involved with their pioneer work in genetics of  Antirrhinum  snapdragon aka boca-de-leão.
Emmy Stein described in „Radiumstrahlen auf Antirrhinum“ 1921 erstmals auf einer Tagung, dass ionisierende Strahlung auf Organismen eine mutagene Wirkung hat. Before Muller with Drosophila there was Antirrhinum Snapdragon in Kernspaltung and psychedelic Uran-Trip!!!
Another woman in science before Rosalind Franklin with her Mystery-DNA: Muriel Wheldale Onslow and early biochemical genetics. As a pioneer Muriel Wheldale Onslow initiated biochemistry of coulors in flowers using snapdragon.

Snapdragon donates a very good oil in his seeds. One day You can taste biological snapdragon oil in Algarve during my workshop or science camp with our 12 senses in 12 zodiac signs!

Goethe Schiller Landreform Art Landreformart
My Goethanistic work will be continued in Löwenmäulchens's Heimat Mittelmeer Mediterranea with snapdragon and family-relatives in phylogeny.

I combine flower and tree in landreformart.

Call it flowerforestry or forestflowery and invent Your imagination for symbiosis bionic permaculture in edible landscape ...


is native to rocky areas of Europe, USA, California and North Africa.
Section Antirrhinum is mostly native to the western Mediterranean region with a focus on the Iberian Peninsula.
Antirrhinum majus
is native to the Mediterranean region, from Morocco and Portugal north to southern France, and east to Turkey and Syria.
is a global task, a global player, unfortunately also a GMO around the world and an important model of evolution and co-evolution!
Flower Power inside donates seed, Flower Power outside starts in the cosmos of stars, planets and galaxis worlds.

Seeds for sustainable research

Following tasks and themes are waiting for You as co-worker in sustainable research, list will be continued:

Dryland Pioneer Plants Xeropyhten Halophyten
Antirrhinum Linaria Plantago
Soundecology Breeding
Music Agroforestry Permaculture
Cosmic Ecology 4x12+3x7
Co-Evolution Symbiosis Bionics Ethics
Movement and unfolding of Seedling and Bud
Algarve Parque de Alquimia Alchemie Park Alchemy Park
Metamorphosis Metamorphose Evolution
Mythology History Origin of Live
Geomancy for Vavilov Center Algarve Hot Spot
Embryology & Ontogeny as Models in Sculpture Art

Ask for Details! Visit us in Algarve!

Mediterranean & Dryland

Dipl. Biol. Dirkmarkus Lichtenberger
Citizen Science Coach Social Art Education
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Dryland Pioneer Plants
Xeropyhten Halophyten
Trockenresistente Pionierpflanzen
Salzresistente Pionierpflanzen
think tank of seedbank aphorisms 
Aphorismen Aphorisms

00001 A multidisziplinary approach for the recultivation and building of new Kulturlandschaften in Landreformart.
00002 Sesame is very drought-tolerant, in part due to its extensive root system. It was a crop that could be grown by subsistence farmers at the edge of deserts, where no crops grow. Sesame has been called a survivor crop. Witchweed Striga devil's weed works as symbiont or parasit in bad agriculture? We have to establish polycultures in agroforestry.
00003 Linaria and Plantago, pioneer plants and human history, phylogeny and future of flora in mediterranean region and california.
00004 Carob, Lignum Crucis, Johannes der Täufer und der Gralstempel im Titurel mit Holz der Aloe.

Seedbank Antirrhinum Linaria Plantago
Connections between California and Iberian Phylogeny in the old days of mother earth are a very exciting theme for fans of Atlantis and Lemuria, lost continents in the history of mankind.
In Situ Seedbank with living plants for Biodiversity with Antirrhinum Linaria Plantago combines collecting, seeding and soundecology of insects with experimental ecology in dryland agroforestry and landart.

Soundecology Breeding
Klangökologische Züchtung
Cultivar Ecologico Con Sound 
In the beginning there were sound and voice ... silence and singing.
In old cultures human had worked in a symbiosis with fauna and flora, live and cosmos by using art, music, singing, dance and magic technic for co-evolution. How can we instaurate healing Zeitgeist-methods in that archaic procedure?
We examine myths and legends, tales and science fiction about origin of species, origin of live and origin of Kulturpflanzen (culture plants).
Einzelkorn-Pflege: Einzeln gepflanzte und angehäufelte Getreide-Pflanzen stocken ernorm auf und geben mehr Halme und Körner bei der Ernte als dicht stehende ohne Anhäufeln.
Urban legend about Hugo Erbes Verwandlungen von Wildgräsern in Kulturgetreide.
Do we need new cultivars developped out of wild plants?
Soundecology Culture in eco-agrar instead of destroying agro-business is an ethical alternative to genetic engineering bioterrorism and biohazard biohack.

Music Permaculture Agroforestry
Certainly (but not all) music, dance and arts work positively in the devolepment of recultivation. So we try to find ways to help fauna and flora not only by sustainable technology, permaculture, analog agroforestry and eco-agrar but also by using singing, dancing, recitation for healing in the nature.
Who likes to contribute in jam session or spiritual research to proove our hypothetical paradigma of creative voice?
Which kind of artist work will help which element, plant and animal to live better on earth?
Who knows or makes compositions for nature with acoustic instruments, singer and chorus creating new sustainable songlines?
Modern forms of Feng Shui and Geomancy, Qi Gong and Eurythmy, Experimental Poetry and Your own way of VIVA A VIDA VIVA may give some ideas of sustainable perspectives in future music.
Look generously at vegetarian GENGUERILLA in a satirical dance with the devil of anti-vegetarism at an animal farm in Lausitz Sachsen Saxony.

Cosmic Ecology 4x12+3x7
In my future research I combine Astrology, Geomancy, Music, Singing, Seed Bank, Agroforestry with esoteric traditions about the relation between Earth, Human Being and Cosmos.
Questions are for example:

How can we find the correlation between 12 Signs of Zodiac, 12 types of animals, 12 consonants and 12 senses? How can we find the correlation between 7 planets, 7 trees, 7 Lebensprozesse, sieben Planeten, sieben Bäumen?
Rudolf Steiner GA 170: Os Doze Sentidos e os sete processos vitais, Conferência proferida em Dornach (Suiça), em 12 de agosto de 1916 as a starting point.
We will work with Voksgeist, Spirit of Nation, Espirito do Povo in three ore more languages.
Relação dos planetas de acordo com as árvores e com as plantas, as animais e as biotops.
In interdisciplinary workshops and eco-tourism-trips I will research with tourists, guests, inhabitants and interested people studying flora and fauna of Portugal in Algarve with the paradigma of 4x12+3x7. Some designs and photographs may show You some of my methods and paradigms of phenomenology and Goetheanismus (Goetheanism).
As a Citizen Science Coach I can help students and pupils in writing a thesis or research-project in Science Camp and for everyone individually in DIY Citizen Science.

Co-Evolution Symbiosis Bionics Ethics
Insekten und Blüten
Antirrhinum majus as a model for evolution
Bee and butterfly, lizzard and serpent, frog, bird and mankind
Coevolution of flower and insects in families of xerophytes like Antirrhinum?
Co-evolution of California and mediterranean regions in Portugal.

Movement and Unfolding
of Seedling and Bud
Bewegung und Entfaltung
von Keimling und Knospe
Movement and Unfolding of seedling and bud can correlate with processes in cosmos, when planets walk through the zodiac.
We like to demonstrate correlations between plant movement and astrological horoscop interpretation. First it is necessary to documentate in design, photo and film very exactly the spectrum of action in developmental stages of bud and seedling.
Can we confirm classical correlations like oak and Mars, Acer Ahorn and Jupiter Zeus?
To which planet belongs Carob and Vine, Mispel and Feige, Libanon Zeder and Olive?
How can we us the correlations between cosmos and earth in permaculture and gardening guerilla?

Algarve Parque de Alquimia
Alchemie Park
Alchemy Park
The Power of Seed and Seedling, not the power of attraction or other fancy stuff of 'puff the magic dragon' is one of our meditation trainings in DIY-alchemy preparing and teaching one day a new kind of sustainable profession, which combines astrology, geomancy, music and ecology.
It's a long way to California, Franziskus, Buddha and Christus, but we are searching for a heart of gold in spiritual reality. Alchemy is the best alternative against GMO, nanotechnology, deadly chemistry and silent spring.
Who was the last Rosenkreuzer and when and where?

Metamorphose Metamorphosis Evolution
How has happened the evolution of trees? Tree ancestors of dryophyllum? Phylogeny of oak. Which was the first real Wurzel Raiz Root?
Very little information exists about metamorphosis in developmental stages in plant. Goethe's Method how to imagine the forms and shapes of Metamorpose-Reihen starting from the Urbild Archetypus Urpflanze has to be researched as a very important desiderat of postmodern paradigm-shift.
We start to look around learning ecology and botany with Goethe. Astonishing phenomens like Spiraltendenz und Vertikaltendenz, Polarität und Steigerung, Tao and Chi are linking our terrestrial perspective into the evolution of cosmos.

One great mystery is the evolution of fish bones to hearing instrumentes in the ear of mammalials. Intelligent Design without explanation how it was worked out is no solution. Who has developped our 12 senses and 7 chacras?
What ethical colour and sound has our direction in new stages of consciousness beginning with evolution stage 44455?

Mythology, History, Origin of Live
Domestication of plants without genetic engineering is possible.
Old stories, legends, myths, fairy tales, shamanism are giving the proove. Fatima Fengshui, Myri Fiederwind, Lalita Whosheplays wissen Bescheid.

Astro-Geomancy for Vavilov Center Algarve
Hot Spot of New Evolution

How can geomancy support creating new Vavilov centers?
How important was the role of Algarve as Vavilov Center?
How important for evolution and breeding Algarve will be?
We need new ways of social art (7000 Oaks Beuys), breeding and recultivation in a world of uranium and GMO OGM GVO!

Embryology & Ontogeny
as Models in Sculpture Art Escultura
Urton-Eier, Altmünder & Neumünder, IVF models of my own ontogeny.
Schüler plastizieren mit Ton die Embryologie der Umstülpung im Tierkunde-Projekt in Modellen ihrer eigenen Ontogenie.
Lust auf IVF steigern oder Ethik zugunsten einer natürlichen Schwangerschaft fördernden Biologie-Unterricht durch eine spirituelle nachhaltige Didaktik wissenschaftich künstlerisch als Lernziel in eine neue Pisa-Studie implementieren?
Wie können wir die Beziehung zwischen Astronomie und Embryologie erforschen?
Wie arbeiten unsere Toten und Ahnen am Saatgut mit?

"Suchst du das Höchste, das Größte? Die Pflanze kann es dich lehren! Was sie willenlos ist, sei du es wollend, das ist`s!"

Der nachhaltige Jakobsweg von der keuschen Pflanze über das Blaue Blümchen zur Rosenkreuz-Meditation mit Samen von Rosen und Lilien in der Alchemischen Heiligen Hochzeit von Flos und Blanchefleur wird von unseren postmodernen Songlines ätherisch gebaut.
"Turn Your Inside outside Outside in." (Living sin Lyrics: Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Wir stülpen uns um in der Evolution nach dem Tod in unseren Reisen im astralen Jenseits bis zu unserem Heimat-Stern im Kristallhimmel.
Meine erste Tierkunde Session in der Freien Schule Elztal.
1995 Februar
Der Mensch im Kreis der Tiere - Wir dichten zoologisch
Künstlerische Tierkunde und Astrologie mit Jugendlichen in der Freien Schule Elztal Klasse 9
Gedichtband Birkenmaus und Apfelmus.

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Dipl. Biol. Dirkmarkus Lichtenberger